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El marketing de SMS es el marketing directo a móviles vía mensajería SMS. Esta forma del marketing es muy eficaz y tiene el potencial para retornos enormes mientras usted lo usa en el lugar correcto y aplica la estrategia correcta.
Mi equipo y yo tomamos un acercamiento muy eficaz y probado al marketing SMS que le ayudará a alcanzar a un auditorio completamente nuevo sin dañar su reputación o causar la frustración. Entendemos lo que hace el trabajo de mercadotecnia SMS eficaz y sabemos asegurar que sus mensajes son recibidos por el auditorio correcto en el tiempo correcto. Nuestro marketing SMS usa el contenido procesable y es integrado con el resto de nuestro marketing para asegurar conversiones altas y conducir al visitante a la venta.

Ventajas del SMS Marketing

SMS marketing has lots of advantages over other types of marketing and there are many ways it can be leveraged to provide great results.

One big advantage of SMS marketing is that it stands out. The simple fact of the matter is that the web is badly over-saturated with marketing messages. We are constantly bombarded by e-mails, by banner ads and by PPC which makes it that much harder for advertisers to stand out. With SMS marketing however you will stand out by reaching your audience on their mobile where they are far less used to receiving marketing messages.

Another huge advantage of SMS marketing is that it allows you to reach your audience at a specific time and even based on their location. Location-based SMS marketing goes as far as to allow businesses to message customers as they pass their stores which has a huge potential for generating sales.

With any SMS marketing though, you will be able to choose exactly when your audience see your messages – because we always have our mobiles on us. This ensures that you can approach your specific audience exactly when they’ll be most receptive to your message. No longer are you waiting for your audience to come to you – you are reaching them right in their pockets.

The Challenges of SMS Marketing

Maximum Impact, With Less Words

Despite its many advantages, SMS marketing also faces some unique challenges as compared with other forms of marketing. For instance, you’ll need to overcome the resistance that many customers have to receiving messages in this format. Many customers find SMS marketing frustrated when it’s not done correctly, so you need to ensure you are not abusing that audience and you need to ensure that you’re reaching out in a way that your audience will be receptive to.

Another unique challenge of SMS marketing is working with a relatively short amount of text. The objective here is to make sure that you are able to make the maximum impact on your audience with the fewest word. This means getting straight to the point, reaching the right audience, choosing the time when they’ll be most receptive and selling your value proposition.

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